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Leadership Behaviors to Advance in Project Management

Specific behaviors need to be developed in order to advance a career in project or program management. What are the right behaviors for success? How do we accelerate the learning?


Characteristics of High Performing Female Leaders PT 1

 In 1986, writers at The Wall Street Journal coined the term “glass ceiling” to refer to the barriers that prevented women from achieving positions of power and influence in organizations. Over the past 25 years, we have certainly observed cracks in the glass. 

Developing Women Leaders PT 2

In this paper we share what we learned from interviewing successful female leaders about the factors they believe support women’s leadership aspirations and what barriers hold them back. 

Comparing Successful Female & Male Leaders PT 3

How do successful female leaders compare to their successful male co-workers. As coaches and consultants, we will consider how we can use what we have learned about the similarities and differences to strengthen our understanding of effective leadership styles and to support both women and men to become the best leaders they can be.