How Leadership Assessments Help You Select the Best Mid-Level Managers and Executives

How Leadership Assessments Help You Select the Best Mid-Level Managers and Executives

How would your organization’s potential transform if your managers and executives were top-tier performers? Bringing onboard top-notch talent for leadership roles accelerates the achievement of your organization’s strategic objectives, fostering quicker and more efficient progress. Yet, in the current talent landscape, finding and hiring proficient leaders poses a challenge. Reports suggest that replacing a leader amounts to approximately 33% of their salary (Employee Benefit News, 2017). Beyond this, the concealed expenses linked to turnover—like diminished productivity and team morale—underscore the critical need for your organization to prioritize investing in selecting high-caliber talent in the hiring process.

PRADCO Full View Assessment

PRADCO’s assessments can help you hire strong leaders by identifying behaviors that impact team and organizational performance. This results in a better chance that you hire leaders who fit your culture, perform well, and stay with the organization long-term.

PRADCO helps you hire talent at the managerial level by assessing candidates using our Full View Assessment product. This assessment provides an in-depth look at each individual candidate to determine how effective they will be at your organization. To do this, PRADCO first partners with you to customize the assessment process. We learn about the requirements for the manager role, your organization’s culture, and what types of behaviors will be needed to be successful.

After the candidate takes the leadership assessment, PRADCO conducts a behavioral interview to dive deeper into a variety of success factors. During this interview, we also provide feedback to the candidate regarding strengths and weaknesses to provide a top-notch candidate experience as well as to assess openness to feedback and coachability. All this data enables us to provide you with a comprehensive report to help your organization make the best decision possible. This report includes:

  • Ratings in four standard categories that describe a holistic view of the person
  • Analysis and overview of two custom questions to be answered
  • Key strengths and weaknesses: behaviors you will observe on the job
  • Specific areas to follow-up on and explore further
  • Recommendation for hire based on fit with the position and organization


PRADCO Executive View Assessments

PRADCO’s Executive View Assessments are ideal for selecting leaders at the director and executive levels. This assessment product includes everything the Full View Assessment includes as well as the following, additional features:

  • Senior-level consultants assessing your candidate
  • Two additional custom questions unique to the role and organization
  • Follow up meeting to debrief the assessment with HR/hiring manager
  • Feedback on the assessment data is debriefed with your new hire once they are on the job to ensure assimilation into the organization



If you are interested in learning more about how to select managers, executives, or employees at all levels of the organization, reach out to PRADCO at ( Since 1955, PRADCO has been assisting organizations in the evaluation, selection, and development of employees. We provide solutions that support all aspects of your talent management strategy, improving the performance of your employees while accelerating the growth of your entire organization, including individualized coaching, personnel selection, psychological assessments, management and leadership development, organizational dynamics, engagement surveys, and more.

Joren Tengesdal
Joren's diverse consulting experience enables him to support organizations at every stage of the talent cycle. As a Senior Management Consultant, Joren pays close attention to the unique talent needs of clients and offers solutions that span all services offered by PRADCO. His expertise in executive assessment makes him a trusted advisor for clients looking to fill key leadership positions. He is skilled at blending multiple data points to offer well-informed recommendations for leadership development. Joren earned his B.A. in Psychological Science at Gustavus Adolphus College and his M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at The University of Akron. He is a Ph.D. candidate at The University of Akron, where he is completing a dissertation focused on researching the motivational elements of executive coaching.