The Power of Premium Coaching

The Power of Premium Coaching

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the role of a leader is more complex than ever. Whether navigating challenges, onboarding into a new role, or aspiring to reach the next level of leadership, our Premium Coaching Package is designed to support and empower leaders at every stage. The PRADCO Premium coaching experience offers not just one-on-one sessions for the participant, but also strategic meetings with the person’s manager, a comprehensive leadership assessment (either 360 or self-assessment) and remeasure of that assessment, plus targeted action planning to ensure accountability and that goals are achieved.

Leadership Assessment for Insightful Growth

The first step is to identify strengths and developmental areas fir the coaching participants with a PRADCO Quick View™ multi-rater assessment or Quick View™ Leadership self-assessment. The assessment results spotlight areas of strength and development to form the foundation of an action plan that drives performance improvement.

Five Individual Coaching Sessions

This personalized coaching journey includes five one-on-one sessions. PRADCO coaches guide discussions about leadership style, goals, and challenges, providing actionable insights and strategies for immediate impact. A Premium engagement provides the participant with time to reflect on current challenges, execute an action plan for addressing them, and practice new behaviors with the support of a coach.

Alignment Meetings with the Manager

Collaboration is key to leadership success. Our coaching packages include regular meetings with the coaching participant’s manager, fostering a transparent and aligned approach to meeting leadership objectives. This ensures a cohesive understanding of the process and expectations, and a full partnership with the coach. The manager can provide an ongoing pulse to the coach on how things are going organizationally and for the participant and importantly, the PRADCO coach can help the manager be an effective leader-coach to the participant. Many of our clients say that the manager’s involvement in their coaching experience was wrap-around support that made a vital difference in the outcomes.

Assessment Remeasure to Track Progress

At the end of the coaching engagement, the participant will take the same assessment they took at the beginning to measure progress. This is an opportunity to shine a light on improved scores in focus areas and identify those that need more attention. In a recent example, a leader identified six areas of focus in the initial assessment. At the conclusion of the remeasure, there was data to prove that the person had improved significantly in five of the six areas.

Tailored Support for Leaders at Every Stage

Because the PRADCO Premium Coaching engagement typically lasts about nine months, it is appropriate for high-level leaders with complex challenges or those who are working on something specific that is holding them back. There is ample time to experiment with new behaviors and unpack the outcomes with a coach, getting feedback and encouragement along the way. The PRADCO Premium Coaching package can also offer support for those working through a pivotal point in their career.

Advancing to the Next Level

For those aspiring to ascend to the next level of leadership, this coaching package provides the strategic guidance and skills enhancement needed to stand out and seize new opportunities. The proof is in the results. Shortly after PRADCO published this case study, the coaching participant was promoted to a position with more responsibility.

Onboarding and New Leader Support

Starting a new leadership role can be daunting. Often successful leaders start a new role using the same approach and strategy they did in their last role. Some adjustments will be needed to lead a new team with higher-level objectives and different expectations. Our coaching package provides invaluable support during the onboarding process, equipping new leaders with the tools and strategies needed to make a seamless transition and hit the ground running.

Turnaround Performance

For leaders facing challenges, the Premium coaching experience provides space and support for turnaround scenarios. Coaching helps navigate obstacles, revitalize team dynamics, and implement strategies to transform performance and achieve measurable results. People who are struggling often know they have problems but don’t know what to do differently. One leader we worked with was on a Performance Improvement Plan and knew they needed to improve to keep their job. They were too direct, prescriptive, and lacking empathy when it came to dealing with their team. The leader and coach worked together to determine different ways the person could communicate and how to be more understanding and compassionate, while still holding people accountable. Over time the person became a more balanced leader and was viewed as more effective by the 360 remeasure assessment that is included in the Premium coaching package.

Succession Planning for Sustainable Leadership

Prepare for the future by utilizing coaching for succession planning. Participants who have been identified for future leadership positions can benefit from individual attention that helps them prepare for the next role. The organization benefits by having a robust pipeline that ensures continuity and stability in leadership roles. Many clients utilize PRADCO to evaluate leaders who are already in place and then offer coaching to help them make needed adjustments. In one of our client organizations, the VP of Sales will be retiring soon, so PRADCO was asked to evaluate the two potential successors and help them get ready for consideration for the promotion. Both people feel valued and that they are being given a fair chance to earn the role, and both individuals will be more effective over time.

Elevate Leadership, Unleash Potential

In a world where effective leadership is a competitive advantage, PRADCO’s Premium coaching package helps leaders uncover strengths, elevate their leadership presence, and navigate challenges with confidence. Click here to learn more about PRADCO’s Premium coaching experience and our other coaching offerings.

Karla Wludyga
Mrs. Wludyga’s unique background and understanding of the media and public relations enable her to effectively coach leaders to enhance their executive presence, communication skills, and overall influence. Certified as an Executive Coach, in Appreciative Inquiry for Positive Business and Societal Change, and in Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, Mrs. Wludyga uses PRADCO’s assessment tools to help clients implement changes to resolve their business and people issues. An experienced facilitator, Mrs. Wludyga leads group and individual programs for women leaders, teams that want to improve their collective performance, and individuals with a desire to hone their management and communication skills. She earned her B.S. in Broadcast Journalism from Ohio University and her M.S. in Organizational Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University.