Upgrade Your Executive Search: The Proven Method for Hiring Perfect-Fit Leaders

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Upgrade Your Executive Search: The Proven Method for Hiring Perfect-Fit Leaders

The Hiring Landscape is Changing – And Most Haven’t Caught Up

In the vast, competitive expanse of corporate warfare, one truth remains unchallenged: the caliber of your leadership can either propel your organization to unprecedented heights or drag it into the abyss of mediocrity. Yet, despite this knowledge, a staggering 90% of recruiters and hiring managers are trapped in a cycle of outdated hiring practices, leading to costly mis-hires and lost opportunities. But what if there was a way to break free from this cycle? Enter PRADCO, the subject-matter experts in leadership assessment.


Traditional Hiring Methods Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

Let’s face it: traditional hiring methods are no longer effective. Resumes, interviews, and gut feelings are tools of the past. They’re subjective, prone to bias, and, frankly, they miss the mark on identifying true leadership potential. This approach is akin to gambling with your organization’s future – a risky bet with high stakes.


Never Make a Bad Management Hire Again

Get Leadership Hiring Insights

There is another way – a better way to hire for leadership roles. Executive leadership assessments help ensure every leader you hire is a perfect match for your team and organization. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill personality tests. They are comprehensive, behavior-based assessments designed to do what traditional methods cannot: accurately predict if a candidate is a good fit for your organization.

Here’s how they work:

PRADCO Full View Assessment

PRADCO helps you hire talent at the managerial level by assessing candidates using our Full View Assessment product. This assessment provides an in-depth look at each individual candidate to determine how effective they will be in your organization. To do this, PRADCO first partners with you to customize the assessment process. We learn about the requirements for the manager role, your organization’s culture, and what types of behaviors will be needed to be successful.

After the candidate takes the leadership assessment, PRADCO conducts a behavioral interview to dive deeper into a variety of success factors. During this interview, we also provide feedback to the candidate regarding strengths and weaknesses to provide a top-notch candidate experience as well as to assess openness to feedback and coachability. All this data enables us to provide you with a comprehensive report to help your organization make the best decision possible. This report includes:

  • Ratings in four standard categories that describe a holistic view of the person.
  • Analysis and overview of two custom questions to be answered.
  • Key strengths and weaknesses: behaviors you will observe on the job.
  • Specific areas to follow-up on and explore further.
  • Recommendation for hire based on fit with the position and organization.


How to Identify Elite Directors and Executive-Level Leaders

PRADCO Executive View Assessments

PRADCO’s Executive View Assessments are ideal for selecting leaders at the director and executive levels. This assessment product includes everything the Full View Assessment includes as well as the following, additional features:

  • Senior-level consultants assessing your candidate and interviewing.
  • Two additional custom questions unique to the role and organization.
  • Follow up meeting to debrief the assessment with HR/hiring manager
  • Feedback on the assessment data is debriefed with your new hire once they are on the job to ensure assimilation into the organization.


Here’s How PRADCO Turns the Odds in Your Favor

Imagine hiring leaders who not only excel in their roles but also seamlessly embody your organizational culture. Leaders who inspire their teams, drive performance, and stay committed for the long haul. This isn’t a pipe dream; it’s the reality for companies that have partnered with PRADCO.

Here’s how PRADCO makes leadership hiring easier:

  • Customized Assessment Process: PRADCO doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Their assessment process is tailored to understand the intricacies of your organization and the specific role, ensuring a perfect fit between your needs and the candidate’s capabilities.
  • Behavioral Insights: Beyond skills and experience, PRADCO focuses on the behaviors that influence team and organizational performance. This deep dive into a candidate’s behavioral tendencies offers a clear picture of their potential impact.
  • Comprehensive Candidate Report: Post-assessment, PRADCO provides a detailed report that includes an analysis of the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and their overall fit for the position. This report is a roadmap to making informed hiring decisions that contribute to long-term success.

Partnering with PRADCO means gaining access to a strategic advantage that most of your competitors lack. It’s about elevating your hiring process from guesswork to science, ensuring that every leadership position is filled with a candidate poised for success.


Take the First Step Towards Transformative Hiring

Don’t let your organization fall victim to the common pitfalls of leadership hiring. Discover how PRADCO’s Full View and Executive View Assessments can revolutionize your approach to hiring and propel your organization into the future.

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The Results Speak for Themselves

Companies that have embraced PRADCO’s assessments report dramatic improvements in hiring success rates, team performance, and organizational alignment. They’ve transcended traditional hiring pitfalls, emerging stronger, more agile, and better positioned for success.

Why Risk a Bad Leadership Hire?

In a world where leadership can make or break an organization, settling for outdated hiring practices is a risk you can’t afford. It’s time to join the forward-thinking leaders who have turned to PRADCO to secure their organization’s future.

PRADCO’s assessments can help you hire strong leaders by identifying behaviors that impact team and organizational performance. This results in a better chance that you hire leaders who fit your culture, perform well, and stay with the organization long-term.

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