And more importantly, what are you doing with it?

Employees have more control over where they work — and who they work for — than they have at any other point in history. The result is a consumer culture in the workplace where someone’s experience of a supervisor, job, or culture can be the deciding factor when it comes to staying or leaving, let alone working hard.


Without a way to capture the employee experience, organizations and their leaders are left to guess what their staff members are feeling or thinking about their jobs. Organizational programs or initiatives designed to create a positive work environment where people are inspired to be their best selves often lack the level of precision and direction that is needed to create clear and sustainable employee engagement. Moving beyond this place begins with knowing what the current employee experience is.


What’s it like to interact with a specific supervisor, peer group, and executive leadership team in your organization? How much pride do people take in their work and its impact on your customers? To what extent does excelling in your organization open doors for rewards, recognition, or advancement? Is the current flow of communication making things easier or harder on a daily basis?


Questions like these are just the very beginning of gauging a day in the life of your staff. From there, enhancing the employee experience looks like highlighting strengths while building up areas that contribute to a less pleasant atmosphere.


Don’t Just Capture Employee Feedback — Use It Meaningfully

A recent Qualtrics study found that only 30 percent of employees believe their employee feedback about daily life in the organization results in concrete action. This finding underscores the importance of taking steps that are going to actually make a difference while enlisting your team to co-create that difference with you.


The PRADCO Quick View Employee Experience tool equips you to efficiently and accurately see your workplace through the eyes of the people you most want to keep and inspire. This tool can assist you in driving the type of experience you want to create when your talent shows up for work each day. Instead of telling you what needs to change, we empower you to change it in the only way that’s built to last — through your people.


There is one guarantee: your employees are definitely experiencing something, for better or for worse, and that experience is often the reason why you’ll get someone’s best, someone’s worst, or something in-between.


When you’re ready to define that experience instead of letting it define you, we’re ready to partner with you and co-create a new day in the life of your workforce.


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