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I recently had a conversation with an HR leader who said her company uses assessments and coaching only for “targeted” purposes. This means that the only people at her company who will benefit from the personalized attention and support of a coach are those who are not meeting performance expectations. At PRADCO, we see lots of success in targeted coaching engagements—those with a specific organizational goal to help the participant get “unstuck” or elevate to higher performance. However, we believe that providing coaching to your top talent is just as important and often results in a much stronger team.


How does PRADCO Coaching Work?

PRADCO coaching engagements always begin with one of our assessments, whether it is a Quick View™ self-assessment or a Quick View™ 360 Survey, which includes feedback from colleagues on the person’s performance and behavior. The data gleaned in the assessment provides a foundation from which to create goals as a result of the coaching and highlights the areas where a person is already doing well. Furthermore, the assessment allows us to emphasize and highlight good behavior as well as point out opportunities where a person can improve.

This model eliminates the pressure to fix something and guides the coaching participant into a growth mindset, where he or she can take in the information and decide how to leverage it to become the team member or leader they want to be. They are better able to approach the coaching opportunity as just that—an opportunity to hone their skills and be their best, rather than a directive to do better. The positive mindset that comes with the former approach improves the overall employee coaching engagement—for both the participant and the coach—and increases the probability that the participant will achieve the goals they set as a result of the coaching. In this scenario, they are bought in and fully engaged in the process. They have the power to shape its direction and they feel more ownership over positive results.


Don’t Just Take Our Word on it, Hear it from Our Clients

An example of this would be in our partnership with STAHLS’. STAHLS’ is a manufacturer that has seen the value of consistently using PRADCO assessments and coaching to support its leaders and their development.


“Having engaged the services of PRADCO over the past 15 years has allowed us to not only become a client but more so, a partner.  They have provided our organization with a solid base to commence and grow the development of our leadership from the executive level to the frontline level. The insight and guidance they have and continue to provide is immeasurable when weighed against the benefits we have reaped from their expertise and involvement, not only in the assessment instruments they use, but the ongoing rapport relative to the progress and leadership health of the individuals and as an organization as a whole. Their most unique trait is they assist their clients long after with offerings of unique platforms that can continue the momentum.”   

-Marilyn Elliott, MSA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Vice-President & CHRO



Ongoing support for your leaders through assessments and coaching can help your most talented team members develop into their next level of competency and leadership. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help strengthen your organization at all levels.