Case Study – 360 Degree Feedback Survey



Brian applied to be a Plant Manager with his current employer, but he wasn’t given the role. Reasons noted were that his plant was underperforming, his people were unmotivated and there were concerns about morale among the employees.

THE Approach

The PRADCO Quick View™ 360 Survey identified areas for him to improve to be a better leader and get better results from his team. Following the 360 Feedback, a coaching program was put in place to support Brian’s development. The plan was centered around improving three main goals. 

  1. Improve performance through coaching and mentoring his staff
  2. Put more focus on developing relationships with people
  3. Encourage collaboration, flexibility, and teamwork toward organizational objectives

After a year, a second 360 Survey was given to evaluate Brian’s progress on those key areas and to see if he was ready for additional leadership responsibility. Results showed he had improved in many of the identified areas and had been utilizing different strategies to manage and interact with others.

Brian had become much more engaged with his people, providing them with more opportunities, more guidance, and more feedback. People became stronger through the changes he made in his leadership style.

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When people feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to work harder toward business objectives. The effort that Brian put into building better relationships with people helped him work through issues, resolve conflicts, and earn their support.

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The focus that Brian put on the team had the effect of building morale and encouraging people to work together. With clearer objectives and more collaboration, people were on the same page and working in a more efficient manner. Brian’s boss noted that his overall ownership improved 31 points, from 57 to 88. He was acting more like a leader and showing more accountability for the team.

Brian worked with his PRADCO coaches for 12 months and was gratified by the improvement he had demonstrated. He had become a more balanced leader who is more ready for the challenge the next time a promotional opportunity arises. 

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