I felt this was an important topic to do a webinar on. I hear “we’re changing so fast” or “I can’t keep up with the change” or something to that effect when I’m networking with other organizations, or when I’m coaching clients, or in a sales meeting talking to a potential client about their needs. Recognizing that it is real, it is a ‘thing’, and how to navigate through it was something important for me to talk about. So I did some research and then put the webinar together around acknowledgment of it, and what organizations can do to better handle it, and then what leaders can do to help others with it.


When we discussed the opportunity to host a webinar with EPI, I jumped at the chance to discuss the topic of VUCA because it’s so relevant to the EPI audience. Change management has become everyone’s job. The unprecedented pace of today’s business environment can feel like a chaotic atmosphere known as VUCA; volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.


Do you recognize VUCA in your organization? It can look like shorter-term forecasting, or increased turnover, or challenges with new innovation of products and services.


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