Historically, organizations have hired and promoted individuals that possessed the right knowledge, skills, and abilities for a given job. Add in some experience and a decent track record and that could close the deal. More and more, though, organizations are looking for culture fit – to find people that share the core values of the organization – as the end result is better for both the person and the company.


Think about those individuals who have not worked out. Did they lack the technical ability? Were they unable to pick up new skills? Most likely not. Individuals with those issues typically do not get in the front door. What likely happened was that an individual’s personal values did not align with your company values. Given this fact, more and more companies are embedding their corporate values into selection and development practices.


PRADCO has partnered with multiple companies ensuring that both our employee and leadership assessments and leadership development programs are customized to reflect the values of the specific organization. For example, one company puts a strong focus on Humility. Individuals who succeed at that company let others stand in the spotlight and put the success of the team over any personal recognition. People who feel they must be considered the “star” are unlikely to last because their approach to work differs from that of the company. Another organization wanted to make sure that when PRADCO developed their customized assessment, the value of Courage was assessed. For success in that company, it is vital that people have the courage of their convictions, standing up for what is right, and not backing down when an ethical point is at stake. Yet another company felt it crucial that Sustainability be incorporated into their human resources initiatives. A core value of this company involves people caring about what happens in the community as well as the company’s impact on the environment.


What is the benefit of using this values-based approach? You are increasing the likelihood of success for the individual over the long term with the organization. Certain values are not trainable, and it is much better to identify a lack of fit early on then having to make a tough personnel decision later. One might think that it is difficult to incorporate company values into human resources practices. However, with time and diligence, it can be done and successfully implemented. PRADCO has increased its effectiveness as a partner to our clients when company values are incorporated into a customized assessment or development program.


What matters most to your company is a question worth pursuing. Are technical skills important? Of course. Is there more to consider? Definitely. When you can align an employee’s values with those of your organization, you will minimize disruptions and be more successful in achieving your business goals.



At PRADCO, we have the experience, drive, and tools to be your partner in hiring and developing talent. We’ll take the time to learn about your organization and customize solutions for you. We’re ready to help you hire and promote with confidence. If you’re ready to get started, let’s talk.