Invest in the Future Leadership of Your Organization

Invest in the Future Leadership of Your Organization

Today’s managers are tasked with leading organizations through volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times. It is essential for managers to know themselves and the people they serve. However, having a level of awareness is only part of the equation.

Managers must be able to build trusting relationships that produce business results. They must lead with energy and ingenuity. Doing so empowers effective decision making and problem solving.

Yet organizations are challenged to hire, develop, and retain their frontline and middle managers because of a thinning pipeline and increasing need. Indeed, it is one of the greatest threats to sustainability. Business leaders question whether their organizations are prepared to meet the needed leadership requirements. Organizations must continue to rise to the challenge of preparing next-generation leaders capable of achieving and sustaining results that make their businesses viable.

PRADCO’s Striving for Excellence: Manager Development Program (MDP) is a powerful resource to help leaders address this challenge. The program helps organizations prepare the next generation of leaders who are capable of making the necessary contributions now and in the future.

The Manager Development Program invests in the development of first-level to mid-level managers with less than five years of experience leading people. The program is designed holistically, moving beyond basic skill development, to help managers gain organizational perspective to effectively drive results. Many PRADCO clients say one of their favorite things about the program is that participants learn tactical skills that they can immediately implement after each workshop.

The MDP learning journey begins by engaging participants in developing their self-awareness. Central to this process is completing the PRADCO Quick ViewTM Leadership and Personal Styles assessments and receiving individualized feedback from the MDP facilitator. Participants obtain insight into their existing leadership strengths and opportunities for growth. From this process, each participant engages in goal setting and action planning to be accountable for their development.

In the first part of the program, participants also explore building trust-based relationships and developing emotional intelligence. They review core functions of a management role and collaborate to identify common challenges and how to overcome them.

After building a foundation of self-awareness, participants identify important components of driving results and learn specific steps to do so, including effective delegation, establishing clear goals, and holding others accountable to meet desired outcomes.

Participants then examine the differences between leading and managing. Important to this portion of the program are learning tools to effectively coach and motivate others to perform at their highest levels. They learn specific steps to minimize conflict and practice these important people leadership skills.

Finally, participants learn a model for change management and identify how change impacts them as individuals, a team, and an organization. PRADCO equips MDP participants with tools to help them effectively manage resistance to change and improve personal resilience to mitigate change fatigue.

Throughout the program, time is allotted for participants to reflect upon their learning and apply new management skills and tools into daily practice. Participants are encouraged to challenge previous ideas and adopt new, more effective approaches.

A critical element of the program is the involvement of each participant’s supervisor. The PRADCO facilitator meets individually with each supervisor before the first workshop to give an overview of the program, discuss goals for the participant, and review how they can support them. Throughout the program, supervisors receive communications to stay aligned on the learning outcomes i of the participants.  Additionally, participants are accountable to transfer training into action by regularly sharing with their supervisor how they are integrating the tools and overall learning into their daily leadership practices.

PRADCO’s MDP is offered as group learning for managers in the same organization and may be held in-person or virtually. The MDP is also offered as an international cohort that meets virtually over the course of four to five months.

We know investing in managers is critical to ensure they are equipped to make the necessary contributions to the organization and to prepare them for higher-level leadership roles in the future. PRADCO’s MDP provides organizations with a strong ROI for their managers. A recent participant said this about the experience. “This course helped me to identify and leverage my strengths as a leader. It also helped me identify developmental areas and provided me with the tools, coaching, and direction to turn them into learning opportunities.”

The next virtual cohort of MDP kicks off on February 20, 2024. Contact us at  (440) 337-4700 or to learn more about hosting an internal program or enrolling in the next virtual learning series. You can also click this link for more information:

Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson brings to PRADCO diverse experience from the military, public, and private sector organizations, including education, law enforcement, government affairs, and healthcare. Patrick’s service as a U.S. Air Force senior enlisted leader, labor relations specialist, and organizational development consultant has equipped him with insight about challenges facing today’s leaders. He is poised to advise decision makers and partner with leadership teams worldwide. As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and Executive Coach, Patrick uses PRADCO’s various assessment tools to assist others in gaining increased awareness of self and others. He routinely applies his expertise in partnership with clients to identify leading indicators for successful performance and creating a plan for action. Patrick’s team coaching approach employs strengths-based development, empowering teams to elevate their performance and implement strategies to improve organizational success. Patrick is a member of the Fraternal Order of Police and Veterans of Foreign Wars organizations. Patrick earned his B.S. in Occupational Education and Human Services from Wayland Baptist University and his M.B.A. with concentration in Human Resources from DeVry’s Keller Graduate School of Management. He is a master facilitator and trainer and certified in advanced conflict resolution.