Employee feedback is one of the most important elements for growth for any professional, and the workforce now is craving it more than ever. As a leader, it is our job to not only provide our own feedback to our team members but to ensure that they receive the necessary feedback from those around them. Employee feedback surveys, also known as 360 assessments, are one of the best ways to receive and deliver that feedback, yet so many professionals out there hide behind the excuse that their company culture just isn’t ready to provide feedback.


It’s easy to see why introducing a 360 assessment to an organization may cause anxiety when it has never been done before. A 360 survey will often shed light on weaknesses that may be uncomfortable to talk about. In other situations, there is concern that the feedback will be too difficult to accept and actually make a situation worse.


The reality is, sometimes the feedback is uncomfortable to deliver. At times, it is tough to have a light shined on weaknesses, especially by our peers and those we work with. But would you rather not know? Would you prefer to work in an organization where these weaknesses are talked about in select circles rather than openly discussed to help everyone operate at a higher level?


One of our core values at PRADCO is Integrity. We define this as being transparent with each other and sharing feedback — both good and bad. Our Quick View 360 serves as the foundation for that. Measuring over 30 leadership behaviors, we use our QV 360 to better understand our strengths and developmental opportunities from the perspective of our direct reports, peers, and leadership team. Our forced-choice format guarantees everyone leaves with both strengths to leverage as well as developmental opportunities to focus on for future growth. More importantly, the assessment provides coaching suggestions for low scores that serve as a strong foundation for any IDP.


Rather than avoiding a 360 assessment to preserve the sensitivity of the organizational culture, use it to create a new culture based on transparency and career development. Before long, leaders at all levels will be lining up for the opportunity to get their own feedback so they can start creating a plan that will leverage their strengths and improve on their developmental opportunities.


PRADCO works with organizations to build stronger teams and help develop employees through our Assessments Platform and Organizational Development Programs.


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