Women and Leadership Series, Part 2: Developing Women Leaders

At PRADCO, we provide executive coaching and leadership consulting to prepare high-potential leaders to operate successfully as they rise through each level of their organizations. Although a female is as likely as a male to be recommended for a leadership or executive position, women account for very few of the participants we engage in the coaching relationship.

In Part 2 of this three-part series, we share what we learned from interviewing successful female leaders about the factors they believe support women’s leadership aspirations and what barriers hold them back.

You will learn:

    • Why women are less likely to be offered an opportunity for coaching to help them succeed and advance
    • The best ways to support and accelerate the development of female leaders
    • The key qualities or behaviors women need to display to achieve visibility and success
    • The barriers that stand in the way of women’s leadership

Download your free copy of Part 2 today, and get perspective and advice from real-world female leaders.