Women's Leadership:
Traits of High-performing
Female Leaders

Over the past 25 years, female leaders have been making more and more cracks in the “glass ceiling,” achieving positions of power and influence in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Still, women in positions of executive power and leadership face challenges and the glass ceiling is not completely shattered.

In Part 1 of this three-part series, we look at the work competencies, leadership, and interpersonal behaviors that correlate with strong performance in female leaders.

You will learn:

        • Why more high-potential women are not being identified and developed for executive-level roles
        • What successful women have in common
        • The differences at various levels of management
        • What differentiates men and women in key roles
        • What a coaching program designed for high-potential female leaders should look like

Download your free copy of Part 1 today, and start putting your female leaders in a position to succeed.